【CCS2019论文分享】北京邮电大学向阳曦:HyperService: Interoperability and Programmability Across Heterogeneous Blockchains

8月12日,北京邮电大学计算机学院实验班本科生向阳曦同学,在网络空间安全国际学术成果分享会 (下) 上  ,分享了他们发表在CCS2019的研究成果。

演讲主题:HyperService: Interoperability and Programmability Across Heterogeneous Blockchains(本文发表在CCS 2019)


Blockchain interoperability, which allows state transitions across different blockchain networks, is critical functionality to facilitate major blockchain adoption. Existing interoperability protocols mostly focus on atomic token exchanges between blockchains.However, as blockchains have been upgraded from passive distributed ledgers into programmable state machines (thanks to smart contracts), the scope of blockchain interoperability goes beyond just token exchanges. In this paper, we present HyperService, the first platform that delivers interoperability and programmability across heterogeneous blockchains. HyperService is powered by two innovative designs: (i) a developer-facing programming framework that allows developers to build cross-chain applications in a unified programming model; and (ii) a secure blockchain-facing cryptography protocol that provably realizes those applications on blockchains. We implement a prototype of HyperService in approximately 35,000 lines of code to demonstrate its practicality. Our experiments show that (i) HyperService imposes reasonable latency, in order of seconds, on the end-to-end execution of cross-chain applications; (ii) the HyperService platform is scalable to continuously incorporate new large-scale production blockchains.


向阳曦 北京邮电大学


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