Vern Paxson:互联网威胁全景透视与攻击范例

IMG_5291摘要:过去15年里,互联网安全安全威胁的性质发生了巨大的变化,根源在于互联网史无前例地让所有人之间能够方便地通信了。Vern Paxson教授将归纳梳理这些威胁变化最重要的本质,以及他们对攻击者、防范者的意义,并为开展安全领域的研究提供一些启示和思考(The past 15 years have seen striking changes in the nature of Internet security threats, all rooted in the network’s unsurpassed power for allowing anyone to communicate with anyone.  This talk aims to frame the nature of some of the most significant of these changes and their implications for attackers and defenders, and to illuminate considerations for conducting research in this problem domain.
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Vern Paxson: 通过潜入网络犯罪打击互联网攻击

IMG_5027清华大学段海新教授邀请美国UC Berkeley的 Vern Paxson 访问北京,11月17日在百度公司做了题为《通过潜入网络犯罪打击互联网攻击(Combating Internet Attacks By Infiltrating Cybercrime)》的报告:

摘要:Far and away the most energetic driver of modern Internet attacks is the ability of attackers to financially profit from their assaults.  Many of these undertakings however require attackers to operate at a scale that necessitates interacting with unknown parties – rendering their activities vulnerable to *infiltration* by defenders.  This talk will sketch research that has leveraged such infiltration to striking effect.
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