Kang Li: Automatically Detect Flaws in Cloud Platforms and System Software (12/29)

Title: Automatically Detect Flaws in Cloud Platforms and System Software
Speaker: Prof. Kang Li (李康), University of   Georgia
TimeDec. 29(Tuesday) 2:00-3:30pm
Venue: Room 3-225, FIT Building, Tsinghua University

The cyber security space offers a tremendous amount of interesting challenges to researchers. This presentation will provide an overview of these challenges based on the speaker’s past research experiences. The first half of the talk will briefly outline the scope of threats from system software to firmware and hardware components. This part of talk will present the effort by the speaker and his students on detecting flaws and vulnerabilities in mobile and IoT firmware. The second half of the talk will cover the topic of cloud and virtual machine security. The speaker will present his recent efforts in designing software tools to detect flaws in virtual machines and cloud platforms. The talk will also present plans to extend the detection techniques to domains beyond virtual machines, such as supply chain and hardware security.
Kang Li is currently a Professor of Computer Science at the University of Georgia, where he leads the Cyber Security research cluster. Dr. Li received his B.S. degree in computer science from Tsinghua University, and he graduated with his Ph.D in computer science and engineering from Oregon Graduate Institute at Portland, Oregon. He worked as a research scientist at the College of Computing of Georgia Tech before joining University of Georgia. His research interests are in the areas of computer security and operating systems. His current research topics include virtualization security and bootloader firmware security. Dr. Kang Li has also founded multiple CTF security teams, including Disekt, and SecDawg, which play various CTF competitions around the world.


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