Vern Paxson: 通过潜入网络犯罪打击互联网攻击

IMG_5027清华大学段海新教授邀请美国UC Berkeley的 Vern Paxson 访问北京,11月17日在百度公司做了题为《通过潜入网络犯罪打击互联网攻击(Combating Internet Attacks By Infiltrating Cybercrime)》的报告:

摘要:Far and away the most energetic driver of modern Internet attacks is the ability of attackers to financially profit from their assaults.  Many of these undertakings however require attackers to operate at a scale that necessitates interacting with unknown parties – rendering their activities vulnerable to *infiltration* by defenders.  This talk will sketch research that has leveraged such infiltration to striking effect.

Vern Paxson 简介:
Vern Paxson is a professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences at UC Berkeley and leader of the Networking and Security group at the International Computer Science Institute in Berkeley.  His research focuses heavily on measurement-based analysis of network activity and Internet attacks.  He has worked extensively on high performance network monitoring and on cybercrime, and co-directs the Center for Evidence-based Security Research (  He is a recipient of the ACM’s Grace Murray Hopper Award, the SIGCOMM Award for lifetime contribution to
the field of communication networks, and the IEEE Internet Award.


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